Top 10 Business Analytics Course in Singapore in 2021

Have you ever noticed it? While shopping online ,we come across advertisements.

This advertisement is related to our interest searches on Facebook, Instagram on any other social media platform?

Have you ever thought about it! who is behind this?  yes “Business Analytics”.

It is one of the most effective modes to increase profitability, reduced cost, resolve complex issues, performance improvement, and critical decision making.

With the help of the data, one can understand COVID across different areas, identify the affected population, and track the spread.

The advancement in Data Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence helped us to use valid data which brings a lot of awareness.

Sounds Interesting!

Then let’s understand in Brief:

Python: Python is one of the programming languages used for :

Data science, web development, system administration, writing automation scripts.

Python allows users to store, use, and access the data.

Python controls the activity of the computer and the way the activities are done.

what is python?
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Python is used in many industries like healthcare, finance, technology. The Healthcare industry uses a machine-learning algorithm in Python to diagnose diseases.

Python is an important language used for Business Analytics and growing at a faster pace. It is considered to be a very simple language to learn and is replacing Excel to make Business decisions.

How did Python use in Business Analytics?

It is a tool that helps to evaluate the details to improve the performance of the company. It identifies the challenges which help to take steps to overcome it.

  1. Descriptive Analytics (BI & Dashboard) – What is happening now?
  2. Predictive Analytics (Machin Learning) – What will happen in the future?
  3. Prescriptive Analytics (Decision Science) – What can make it happen? And determine what to do with that information
  4. Diagnostic Analytics – What caused this situation to happen?
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Business Analytics – It evaluates the past performance for the betterment of the future. It includes the output of the data analysis by statistical operations, application of optimization techniques, and formation of a predictive model.

Business Analytics helps banks, credit card companies, big businesses. It helping company to predict future performance.

Business owners or Students, who are interested in how the data intersects with and how it impacts business? The business Analysis certification course is an idle option for them

What jobs can be pursued after Online Business Analysis Certification?

#1. Management Analyst – MA helps an organization to gain profit by cost reduction and increase companies’ revenue by evaluating the historical data and Information. One should have problem-solving and analytical skills to become a Management Analyst.

#2. Operation research analyst – ORA helps to resolve companies’ complex issues.  identify. It finds a suitable solution by using methods like advanced mathematical analytic methods.

#3. Marketing Analyst- MA is the one who thoroughly studies the market segment, does the market research. They use analytics to predict/forecast consumer behavior.

They study the market condition to increase the sale of the products.

It focuses on “What Happened in the past?”, “What’s going to happen? What should we do? To reach the right solution.

#4. Data Scientists – DS role has a combined task of Mathematician, a Computer scientist. The role plays a major role in analyzing the business-related issues.

Data Scientists can be the one who possess:

  • Strong knowledge of Coding language
  • Statistics
  • Data Visualisation
  • Machin Learning
  • Pattern Recognition

#5. Other Big Data Jobs- Data Administrator, Big Data Engineer, Data Architect are some of the roles one can purse. It requires the following skills:

  • Data visualization
  • Analysing skills

Industries using Business Analytics:

  • Banking and Securities: Security Exchange Commission has adopted a BA to monitor the movements of the stock exchange. It helps to catch illegal trade practices.

The Banking industry is highly dependent on BA for risk analysis like anti-money laundering, Know-your-customer, and to identify any frauds.

How Business Analytics are used in various Industries

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

  • Hospitality: It has helped this industry to capture customer feedback data and optimize customer satisfaction. Yield Management has helped hotels to take the right pricing decision.

 When there is high demand, due to weather conditions or holidays, which defines the check-in counts from various nationalities guests.

  • Education: Business Analytics has been proved effective for the Teacher for adopting the right teaching policy based on the students learning ability. It can check the absentees and drop out rates.

Thru a Virtual interview, it evaluates the body language and helps to understand the studying who is attentive and who is not.

Cloud technology support in giving maximum access to study materials to students.

  • Entertainment, Communication, and Media- Music service provided “Spotify “uses Hadoop big data analytics to collect the data from millions of users. The data (basically the choice of song) is used and analyzed to given the customized Music recommendation to the user.
  • Transportation: Big Data analytics has highly contributed to the Transport Industry. Governments from various countries are using it to control traffic and congestion management, improve route planning, logistics, and intelligent transport system.
  • Sports: In Premier League Football game cameras were installed around the stadium to track the movement of the player through pattern recognition software. NFL players had installed sensors on their shoulder pads to gather the insights of their performances using data mining.
  1. Information Security – Security Analytics helps in the detection and prevention of Data Theft.

Advantages of Business Analytics for Business Growth.

  • It will help to avoid risk by understanding customer preferences, market trends, and performance.
  • It helps to take decisions more accurately by closely monitory sentiments of the customers towards Company, Brand, and products.
  • The organization can gather large valid data thru which they can plan how to take forward the business?
  • Data can be presented by using graphs, charts which can make the decision process faster and more interesting

Importance of Business Analytics for Business Growth.

  • Gain profitability
  • To have better Returns on Investment
  • To Boost market shares
  • Enhance Operational performance
  • Outperforms competitors
  • Obtaining positive results helps to maximize Net Present Value

Objective of Business Analytics certification

  • The course masters you in Excel, Tableau, Agile, ScrumMaster, SQL, CCBA, and Agile scrum foundation.
  • Gain skills to make interactive dashboards.
  • Understanding Business analysis planning and monitoring
  • Know the required competencies of Business analyst
  • Gain expertise in Agile Scrum Methodologies
  • Learn how to work with SQL Database.

Important Hard and Soft Skills learned from Business Analytics online course certification

Hard Skill:

  •  Fundamentals of Excel analytics functions and conditional formatting
  • Apply statistical tools and concepts like moving average, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and regression to data sets using Excel
  • Understand the tools and techniques used in business analytics planning and monitoring
  • Master the concepts of requirements life cycle management
  • Gain knowledge of the agile perspective
  • Learn to analyze data using Tableau and make interactive dashboards
  • Master the Agile Scrum project management approach
  • Gain expertise in Agile Scrum methodologies and applications, daily scrum synchronization, sprint planning, and review
  • Understand business analysis key concepts and business analysis core concept model (BACCM)
  • Acquire advanced knowledge of identifying, defining, assessing, and completing various elements of business analysis tasks
  • Master SQL concepts UQT and SQL
  • Plan, execute, monitor, and track Scrum projects
  • Absorb agile philosophy and gain deep knowledge of scrum
  • Effectively apply Scrum in your organizations

Soft Skills :

  • Time Management
  • Ability to understand objectives
  • Effective verbal communication
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Being able to conduct meeting with stakeholders
  • Technical writing skills

How are Top Companies using Business Analytics?

  1. Netflix – how they capture customer preferences
  2. Framingham Heart Study – Understand FH Study Data to predict the chance of developing any diseases
  3. Money ball – Study Linear Regression algorithm help to find talented performers
  4. Boston Real Estate – Algorithm to predict real estate value
  5. Supreme Court (CART) – Study how analytics are used to predict supreme courts decision
  6. D2Hawkeye – Study predictive modeling identifies high-risk patient and save lives
  7. Twitter – Understand the sentiments of the customers at Apple
  8. Deep Learning – Understanding Deep Learning algorithm with help your computer machine to read number with Tensorflow and Keras
  9. Commercial Airlines Insurance process – Finding the best policy options.

Top 10 Business Analytics Certification Course in Singapore

#1. Hackwagon Academy – Hackwagon Academy offers 3 types of Business Analytics course in Singapore: Data Science 101, Data Science 102, and Data Science 103. The one who has zero knowledge of programming can start with DS 101, after completion of basic course one can apply for DS 102, post this course, one can go for DS 103 which covers machine learning.

#2. SIM Global Education: The course in Business Analytics covers the following areas :

  • Know business analytics,
  • Know descriptive, prescriptive, predictive analysis,
  • Customer data and retention analysis,
  • How to enhance profits?
  • How to use a data mining application.

The SIM Global Education offers a 12-month program in the Business Analytic online course. They offer a wide spectrum of courses along with data analytics online courses like AI, Agile project management, digital marketing cybersecurity.

Their course has been designed in collaboration with business partners like IBM, Salesforce, and AWS educate.  At the end of the course, the learner is given digital certification.

#3. Nanyang Technological University: It’s a 2-day program and can be attended by Middle or senior-level executives from all industries.

The course is very interactive and includes case studies. It gives access to Analytical tools to derive the right solution for business.

#4. Temasek Polytechnic: Temasek Polytechnic has designed the course for Managers, Executive who wants to enter in the field of Business Analytics. Let’s overview of the curriculum it covers:

  • Get hands-on Business Intelligence techniques to generate reports to show business performance
  • Understand Data Analytic techniques to mine structured and unstructured data
  • Get to know the usage of data mining applications.

#5. Ngee Ann Polytechnic: This course is for one year and ideal for the professionals working for Logistics, Retails, Finance, Healthcare, and marketing Industries.

The young graduates after pursuing the course can opt for a job as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, MIS Analyst, Business Managers. The course makes the self-sufficient in handling data and visualization and knows predictive modeling strategies.

Participants who clear the Specialist Diploma programs from these institutes get the opportunity to go directly for Master programs.

#6. Management Development Institute of Singapore: This course is carried through the University of Plymouth, the UK which is known for providing high-quality education. The course titles as Master of Science Data Science and Business Analytics.

It includes three subjects Computing, Business, and Statistics. They offer 12-month full time and 20 Months part-time courses.

The objective of the program is:

  • To learn Techniques for problem solution,
  • handling data to tackle data security issues
  • Learn Sentiment analysis
  • Hands-on software to implement visualization and handle modeling structured and unstructured data.
  • Learn the technique of Data presentation
  • The functionality of the Computer system

The curriculum covers:

  • Software development and Databases
  • Big Data and Social Network Visualisation
  • Branding and Marketing Communications
  • International Strategic Management
  • MSC Project

#7 National University of Singapore: The Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS). This institute was set up in 1981, widely known as a champion of the National Skills Future moment enhancing the digital economy.

They have a wide range of graduation programs, development programs, Consultancy & Applied research.  Many IT, Business professionals have been benefitted by the program.

They offer programs in multiple disciplines data science, cybersecurity, digital government, smart health, artificial intelligence, software development, etc.

They have a One-year full time and 2-year part-time Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics course. After completion of the course, students will be awarded IBM Medal and Best Project prize.

This course is beneficial for various businesses to improve their profitability. It helps to Translate large unstructured data. It helps to Produce predictive models to solve problems. Gets hands-on Computer tools, Statistics, and Machine learning.

They can apply the knowledge for decision making, predicting future profitability, detecting faults, and data analysis to make the right decision.

# 8. Singapore American School: SAS is a leader in analytics, SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics (SAS BIA) program is Singapore’s largest data Science and analytics development program.

The SAS BIA Program is IMDA’s company-Led Training (CLT) initiative to train and recruit professionals in BIA. They offer 7 months weekend program.

#9. Amity Global Institute: The course is basically knowing as Master of Big Science Data, the course provides practical knowledge on big data and advanced analytics.

Get train on tools like Python, R, Hadoop, NoSQL, Machine Learning, Maths & Computing.

They have a one-year full time and part-time course. They have a specific Academic requirement. The candidate can register for the course only:

  • With Minimum second-class honor degree or in subjects like maths, computing, science, and engineering.

#10. Aventis Learning Group: ALG is one of Asia’s fastest-growing corporate training provider. Aventis has renowned experts to train from Singapore, Australia, Europe, USA.

It is the recipient of the 2018 Job Central Learning T.E.D. Award. Aventis has multiple training programs including Business Analytics and Data Visualisation. It is a 2-day program mainly focused on data analysis and data visualization.

Areas covered under this course are Performance tracking, Understand Different models, How to Visualise data?

Conclusion – Business analytics is a boon to tackle complexities and much more and give rise to more job opportunities in every sector Healthcare, Finance, Education, IT, Banking, Media, etc. It will have a great contribution to economic advancement.

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